Pre-School Registration and Inspection

Priory Park Pre-School is registered and inspected by the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED) for care and educational standards.  Our identification number is 511089 and our unique reference number (Hampshire Childcare Unit) is 514161.

Priory Park Pre-School is a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance, membership number 15674.

The following are the contact details of the above bodies:

OFSTED Registration

Registration telephone number: 0300 123 1231

Complaints and Enforcement: 0300 123 1231


Early Years OFSTED
Piccadilly Gate
M1 2WD
Store Street

Pre-School Learning Alliance

Pre-School Learning Alliance telephone number: 020 7697 2500


Pre-School Learning Alliance
The Fitzpatrick Building
188 York Way
N7 9AD
Pre-School Policies

Priory Park Pre-School has a range of policies which can be made available upon request.  These include the following:

  • A Behavioural Policy
  • A Complaints Policy
  • An Equal Opportunities Policy

The Early Years Education (EYE) Grant

Priory Park Pre-School is a registered provider under the EYE Grant Scheme.   This entitles your child to up to 15 hours of government subsidised childcare from the term following their 3rd birthday until the term in which they turn 5 years of age.

The EYE Grant will fund (a minimum of 2.5 hrs) up to a maximum of 5 sessions per week, each session lasting 2 and a half hours.  The total number of sessions that you receive can vary from one term to the next, but from the maximum number of weeks you can receive the grant for is 38 weeks.

In order for you to claim the funding, each term you will be given a form by the Pre-School and asked to sign to confirm that you are not claiming more than 5 sessions per week in total.  If you are claiming for the first time, you will also be asked to show evidence of your child’s date of birth (i.e., birth certificate).

For further information you can contact the Hampshire Early Education and Childcare Unit Helpline number on 0845 602 1125 or visit

Locks Heath Infant School

Priory Park Pre-School is a popular choice for parents choosing to send their child to Locks Heath Infant School.  To visit the School’s website please visit