You can register you child to a waiting list at the Pre-School at any time, free of any charges. It is advisable to put your child’s name down as early as possible to avoid later disappointment. Current sessions offered are shown below:

  • 3 hour morning block 9.15am to 12.15pm
  • 5 hour morning block 9.15am to 2.15pm
  • 3 hour morning block 11.15am to 2.15pm
  • 3 hour afternoon block 12.00 noon to 3.00pm
  • 3.75 hour block 9.15am to 1.00pm
  • 2 hour morning block 9.15am to 11.15 am
  • 2 hour afternoon block 1.00pm to 3.00pm
  • 2.5 hour block 10.30am to 1.00pm
  • All day 5.75 hours 9.15am to 3.00pm

All hours are subject to availability.

If you are interested in registering your child and would like to visit the Pre-School, please contact Mrs Julia Coates on 07549 155651 or 01489 582568 (answer phone). Alternatively, you can email Mrs Coates on with any questions that you may have.

If you would like to register your child without an appointment, please download a registration card here.


Priory Park Pre-School is a registered provider under the Early Years Education (EYE) Grant Scheme. Please note that this is not a means tested Scheme and from the term following your child’s 3rd birthday until the term in which they have their 5th birthday, every child in England is entitled to receive the EYE grant. Currently, the Grant covers up to 15 – 30 hours of childcare per week. The hours that your child attends the Pre-School can vary on a day to day basis 15 -30 hours free which can be extended with extra paid for hours.

Each term whilst your child attends the Pre-School you will be asked to sign a form to confirm that you are not claiming more than 15 – 30 hours of free childcare.

If you do require extra hours they can be requested and paid for separately (please see below for fees for extra hours).

Pre-School fees are set by the Parent Committee and are reviewed annually, any changes being implemented from 1st April in the same year. Currently, the hourly charge at the Pre-school is £5.45p. Parents and carers will be notified of any change in the cost prior to the end of the Spring term. A weekly sum of £1 will be charged to help pay for the children’s snacks/ DT supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Clothes Should My Child Wear to Pre-School?

Some activities can be messy and some children do worry about getting their clothes dirty or spoilt. If a parent can say and mean that it does not matter about paint splattered clothes then the activity can really be enjoyed without feeling guilty afterwards! Because of this we suggest that play clothes are worn, together with footwear suitable for running and climbing. Alternatively, we do sell a Priory Park Pre-School sweatshirt and polo shirt which can be purchased at a cost of £7.85 and £7.25 respectively.

May I Join My Child During Their Pre-School Session?

All of the children enjoy seeing and talking to new people and research has proven that a Pre-School child will learn far more when a parent or carer shows interest in what they are doing. Because of this, we encourage parents and carers to join us during their child’s session at the Pre-School.

Can My Child Bring Items from Home into Pre-School?

We encourage the children to bring in things that are linked to the theme of the week. You will receive the theme list at the beginning of each half term. The children are always pleased to find things at home and then show them in Pre-School (your help with this is very valuable and helps to form the link between home and Pre-School). If your child has a special friend or ‘cloth’ these are also welcome.

How Do I Join the Parent Committee?

The date and time of meetings is written on the white board in the foyer. It may also be in a newsletter. Everyone is welcome – parents, carers, even grandparents!